Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guardians of Being

I was busy working at home and as I walked by McCoy sleeping, he made me stop. Dogs do that... they are spirits wrapped in fur that allow us stop and check-in if we're living in the present. I cannot tell anyone how many times I walk by one of our two dogs and they make me stop and observe or spend a moment or two with them. "Check!" As much as it is a "check-in" with them, it's also a 'check-in' with myself.
Another reason I was stopped by McCoy's sleeping presence were his paws. I was inspired by another photographer that photographed their dogs paws at an exhibit many years ago. So I've been on the "look-out" for the perfect moment to do this. Several factors take place here... first is that they're sleeping and unbeknowing of what is really going on. Second is the position and angle of lighting . I knew in the moment that I saw this that it was an opportunity that presented itself. I got in photographer mode and started to delicately walk to retrieve my camera. You know when you've got to hurry to do something and you think you're gonna miss it? Well, that's how it was, yet... with McCoy sleeping and oblivious to what my goings on were, I realized that I wasn't going to miss anything and that I could slow down.

Focus,... Snap, advance,... Re-adjust, Focus,... Snap, advance... Two will do. I know I've got it.

That's what you see here...


Laura said...

Love your pictures, Beautiful! Seeing all those feet in one place made me want to go over and snuggle the puppy myself. :)

Lynn K said...

Wow...that is an awesome shot!